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  • SW 21st St Improvements, Topeka, KS

          Lowered and encased an existing 9 way duct package consisting of 4" conduit for 3,565' and installed                 new manholes.

  • Northwood Road Move, Kansas City, MO

          9795' of 4" conduit for 15 way duct package, 10940' of 4" conduit for 4 way duct package and                           install new manholes.

  • 10th & Oak to 12th & Oak, Kansas City, MO

          600' of 4" conduit installed.

  • Lee’s Summit, Missouri Road Move

          95,000’ of 4” conduit installed, placed 18 way duct package for 5330’ and installed new manholes.


  • Maize, Kansas

          42,900’ of 4” conduit installed, placed 9 way duct package for 4700’ and installed new manholes.


  • 63rd Street & Raytown Trafficway

          Removed and replaced the three span 63rd Street bridge while keeping two AT&T duct banks in place               and in service. The two duct banks were supported from above by a cable bridge built above the existing           bridge, by new girders once placed and enclosed in a fiberglass enclosure.


  • Barry Rd, Kansas City, Missouri

          Placed 4-way incased conduit for 4,600’.

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